Friday, April 28th, 2017

What is Rose Wine?


A rose wine is a variety of wine that has a ‘pink’ coloration in between red and white wines. These types of rose wines may also be referred to as blush wine. This name is used more often in the USA. The coloration of a rosé wine will differ according to which kind of grapes are used, the location they were cultivated and what technique is used throughout the wine making process. Rose wines have been known range from orange to purple, from very light to a vivid pink wine. Rose wine is seen more as a summer wine since they are typically very refreshing when served chilled. Views are slowly changing about rose wine and are they are becoming more popular.

Rose wines are finding their way to the dinner table more regularly. These kinds of wines are very flexible when pairing with food because they’re in between red and white wines, they’re able to match with a much larger food range. Instead of purchasing both red and white wine for the dining room table, people are purchasing rose wines as they can compliment countless starters and main courses. This can be a good money saver, which is becoming more crucial to diners during difficult financial times of late.

The majority of rose wines are produced using a red grape variety. Working with such grapes as Syrah, Grenache or Sauvignon makes it easier to get colour into the wine. A single grape variety can be used to make rose wine or a few varieties can be combined together. When using this method, the grapes are slightly crushed and the grape skin is only permitted to be in contact with the juices released for only a short period. The more the skin is exposed to the juice, the darker the final wine will be. Most of the top wine makers will use this sort of method as it will ultimately produce a far better wine but they will use their own approaches and know how to make their wine different from others.

Some other rose wines are produced during the red wine making procedure. By bleeding the juice of red wines in fermentation, a pink coloured juice will run free. By getting rid of this liquid, it intensifies the colour and taste of the red wine. The pink juice can be in turn used to make rose wine.

Others will just mix white wine and red wine to create a pinkish wine but wine purists are against it. In fact it is against the law in many parts of France.

Rose wines are not only popular with winemakers in France. Rose wines are produced in a number of countries in Europe and is important business in the USA, especially California. The white zinfandel style is a well liked rose wine produced in California.

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